Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Choosing Flat Computer Monitors

Choosing flat computer monitors can be a rather daunting task these days. There are now so many brands, models and features to consider when it comes to buying new monitors it can make your head spin in a second.

To avoid this anxiety there are a few basic things you need to consider when choosing your new screen.

First of all is budget, how much have you got to spend ? Do you want the brand new latest and greatest or will a second hand older model do the trick. Flat screen monitors are generally most people’s choice now as they are a lot sleeker and take up a lot less space than traditional flat computer monitors.

Next of all is size. Now most people want the biggest screen that they can afford but going big is not necessarily always better. The bigger the screen the bigger the price tag is a common rule of thumb when it comes to flat computer monitors. Also big monitors take up a big chunk of space on your desk as well leaving you a lot less room to do your work in.

But probably the biggest issue here is if you are used to a normal sized flat computer monitor and the upgrade to the big daddy it can be a little too much for your senses to take in making it harder and not easier to recognize what is happening on the screen.

Finally comes format and there are two types of format to consider here. Conventional format which is 4:3 or Widescreen Format which is 16:9. This actually comes down to personal preference, many buyers are partial to the older and more square 4:3 format as it just feels better to them.

Others however, especially those who will be using their flat computer monitors for work purposes, will prefer the open feeling of the 16:9 widescreen. The 16:9 widescreen has just a little more room for opening multiple programs and it makes it a lot easier to see at a glance as it’s not so confined.

Price is king when purchasing flat computer monitors. Most monitors are pretty much created equal these days and quite often I have found that many different brands of monitors are actually identical and even made in the exact same factory so price is the biggie here.

Here is a review of what in our opinion are the four best options on the market today for all price brackets.

The 4 flat computer monitors covered below are nothing short of outstanding. It has been nearly a whole year since our last test and review session and this 2010 stock is the best we have seen yet.

Starting from the top down they are…

The Dell Ultra Sharp U2711
$1050 will land you this mother of all other flat computer monitors. It’s use for playing games, dvd’s, and photos is well justified due to it’s whopping 2560 x 1440 screen resolution.

Colors have never looked like this before when viewed on a monitor. Even with it’s hefty price tag this is the rolls Royce of flat computer monitors. If you can afford it, own it !

Samsung Sync Master XL2370
This is a lower priced well designed unit in every aspect combined with across the board mid range performance. Probably the most striking factor with these flat computer monitors is just how thin and how little they weigh. The Samsung Sync Master XL2370 is very stylish and very well priced in the market.

Dell Ultra Sharp 2408WFP
This little 24-inch demon of a display delivers across the whole performance spectrum. It is truly brilliant for entertainment and is currently the choice for gamers the world over.

And finally

Dell SP2309W
Three things here folks. Low price, loads of cool features and top level performance that you would usually only expect from the $800 and up flat computer monitors. For the general household out there that wants the best performing monitor for the lowest possible price, this is it baby.